Point-of-care procedures guide for safer, consistent, and more effective care 

Lippincott Procedures Australia, developed in partnership with the Australian College of Nursing (ACN), provides nurses and clinicians with real-time access to a single trusted resource for the latest research, evidence-based practice procedures, guidelines, and regulations to advance clinical excellence, deliver consistent care, and improve patient outcomes.
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Better patient outcomes

We support your commitment to delivering clinical excellence by providing nurses with step-by-step guidance at the bedside to support consistent, standardised care with fewer errors and better patient outcomes.  

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Empowered clinicians

Lippincott Procedures Australia gives nurses the knowledge and confidence to make informed clinical decisions, empowering them to collaborate more effectively and consistently across the organisation. 

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Constant compliance

We regularly align our evidence-based content with current National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards and update procedures throughout the year, helping your staff provide excellent care, maintain compliance, and save time. 

The go-to resource for evidence-based clinical guidance  
Developed in partnership with the Australian College of Nursing, Lippincott Procedures Australia delivers the most trusted, evidence-based clinical content, combined with powerful online workflow functionality so you can create, manage, review, practice, and maintain your organisation’s procedures seamlessly. 

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Learn how Lippincott Procedures Australia can deliver step-by-step guidance for hundreds of Australian procedures.  
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