Develop and continually improve nurse competency

The Australian Nursing & Midwifery Accreditation Council (ANMAC) defines competency as an expected level of performance that integrates knowledge, skills, abilities, and judgement. Is your organisation adequately developing and maintaining nurse competency?

Optimise staff competency: Access clinical tools, procedural resources, and competency and skills assessments to foster clinical excellence, improve patient outcomes, and ensure nurses and allied health professionals meet established standards to deliver high-quality patient care.

Meet the challenges of the rapidly evolving environment: Offer a comprehensive set of continually updated, evidence-based procedures, clinical decision support, and step-by-step guides to accelerate the transition to nursing practice and provide nurses with valuable skill-building tools.

Save time and money: Save money and nurse educator time on developing orientation, onboarding, competency validation and management, and cross-training while helping your nurses remain engaged and empowered to make informed clinical decisions.

Shortage of experienced nurses amplifies urgent need for clinical decision support 

As large numbers of experienced nurses are leaving the profession, hospitals need to better utilise existing skill sets and qualifications, increase nurse competence, help novice nurses transition to practice while giving all nurses the confidence to make clinical decisions.

Support your nurses, ensure competence, and build confidence with Lippincott® Solutions

Lippincott Solutions is the only comprehensive solution that delivers integrated procedures and clinical decision support resources that assist with the development of the knowledge, skills, abilities, and judgement to ensure staff competency.

The Lippincott Solutions suite includes essential components, Lippincott® Advisor Australia and New Zealand and Lippincott® Procedures Australia, that support clinical excellence and the standardisation clinicians need to deliver high-quality, evidence-based care.


Access current, evidenced-based procedures, combining clinical content with a powerful online workflow.

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Cultivate clinical judgement with a continuously updated, clinical decision support resource that provides quick access to the latest evidence.

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Promote a consistent standard of care while reducing the opportunity for error and improving patient safety.

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Access clinical skills checklists and tests to manage and track nurse competency across the organisation.

I believe educators are influencers and leaders. They’re the boots on the ground, getting information to the nurses who use the tools. And what we’ve seen are constant upticks in Lippincott Solution usage. Now we come together as a team to make recommendations that come out of Lippincott best practices to align with policy.
Rachael Frija, DNP, RN, NPD-BC, NEA-BC
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Lippincott Procedures and Advisor have been valuable in our training programs. I recently conducted Neurological Assessment Training for our Medical Surgical nurses and was very happy with Lippincott’s content and presentation. We referred to Lippincott’s arm strengths and leg strengths videos—the nurses loved them. The detail provided by Lippincott helped our nurses learn quickly and effectively.
Gari Lynn Gehrke, RN
Before Lippincott, it was very difficult to see who was attending trainings and how frequently each clinician received training. Now Lippincott enables me to see who attends each skills fair and allows me to assign quizzes to those who do not attend. We even take Lippincott one step further: during performance appraisals, our directors pull up completed quizzes in Lippincott to incorporate into reviews. We use Lippincott Procedures so that we have complete confidence our staff is always trained on the most current, evidence-based procedures.
Sherry Chambers, RN, BScN

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