Are you working with colleagues the hard way?
Are you working with colleagues the hard way?

As corporate counsel, you need to be on top of everything without necessarily being involved in everything. With limited resources, it’s just not possible to review every clause on every contract. And if you do, you’re likely to become an administrative bottleneck.

Unless you find a way to work smarter and empower your colleagues in the business to be more self-sufficient, you’ll likely be wasting time on high volume, standard tasks. Take a collaborate approach and help individual departments optimize the way they work with the legal department.

Are you ready to improve the way you work with colleagues? Stop doing things the hard way, take the Legisway!

Improve inter-department collaboration 
Provide colleagues controlled access to a single repository and empower them to access the information they need to do their jobs.  With Legisway, you can strengthen and streamline collaboration between operational staff and the legal department without disrupting the way you work today.

Grant role-based user access for different departments or individuals within your business
Choose who sees what in Legisway. Restrict access by module, contract type, department or even entity.

Provide access to self-service standard contract templates
Empower the business to handle simple contracts like Non Disclosure Agreements, but still maintain legal approval, with self-service contract templates in the legal ticketing portal.

Summarize key information
Ensure that the key terms in contracts are understood by your business colleagues with Legisway at-a-glance summary and reports.

Automate workkflows and alerts
Automate business processes and approvals with configurable workflows, ensuring things are done by the book and in a time effective manner. Stay on top of key obligations such as notice periods or automatic increases, with alerts to the right people at the right time.

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Collaborate and share legal information with Legisway

- Give colleagues access to different types of information based on their roles

-  Reduce the risk of a data breach by eliminating unsecure file-sharing

-  Restrict access to confidential documents to protect sensitive data

- Make key information more visible and understandable to colleagues across the business

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