Emmi is now part of the UpToDate name 
Emmi patient and member education and engagement programs have been developed from the evidence-based content within UpToDate for years - now they're unified under the leading name in clinical decision support.  

UpToDate Guide: A solution for care management workflows to amplify your team’s impact and efficiency

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Scale and reach more members efficiently

by automating routine interactions so that the focus can be on the most at-risk members.

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Unlock the potential
of care managers

with digital outreach and interactive programs designed to motivate members to take healthy actions.

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Build trust and confidence
with members

by using evidence-based content from UpToDate®, aligned with trusted content used by providers.

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Strengthen member connections and expand the reach of your care management team
With UpToDate Guide trusted content and proven member engagement care management solutions, health plan organizations can extend the reach of their care management team, build confidence in members to manage their health, and generate operating efficiencies.

“Payers are moving quickly to find new ways to support members. We are proud to partner with them to provide members access to patient education that aligns to resources used by their clinicians.”

— Greg Samios, President & CEO of Clinical Effectiveness at Wolters Kluwer, Health
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Give your care managers the right tools to improve member health and loyalty

  • Evidence-based multimedia content, including 8,500 leaflets and 650 videos
  • Easy-to-understand medical information that meets health literacy standards
  • Inclusive designs that reflect members’ diverse backgrounds
  • Personalized programs designed to be interactive and engaging
  • Multi-channel delivery options to meet members when and where they prefer

Superior engagement and education solutions that meet member expectations

Sample content: Diabetes - Nutrition and Healthy Eating

Eating well and controlling blood sugar levels are important parts of diabetes management. Care managers could share this UpToDate Guide video with a health plan member recently diagnosed with diabetes to convey current medical information, help them manage their condition, and learn how to eat healthier.

Watch the video to sample program content.

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