Global services on your schedule

Global document search and retrieval:

  • Bring Down Letter or Verbal Status
  • Certificate of Good Standing (or equivalent)
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Amendment documents
  • Formation/Charter documents
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Filing history report
  • Chamber of Commerce extracts
  • Certified copies
  • Plain copies
  • Status check
  • Other custom options (contact us)

Global due diligence on entities and individuals:

  • Bankruptcy/Insolvency search
  • Background checks
  • Criminal litigation search
  • Civil litigation search
  • Company search
  • Health check and credit report
  • International embargo search
  • IP-type search (i.e.: trademark, copyright, patent searches, etc.)
  • Judgment search
  • Lien search (UCC equivalent searches)
  • Mortgage/Registered charge search
  • Real property search
  • Tax search
  • Other custom options (contact us)

Global support services:

  • Apostille and Authentication/Legalization
  • Document translation services
  • Entity health checks
  • Representation/Registered agent services (availability based on jurisdiction involved)
  • International process agency (Canada and UK only)
  • Other custom options (contact us)

Global on-demand filing support:

  • Formation/Dissolution services (availability based on jurisdiction involved)
  • Annual Return/Annual Report filing services (availability based on jurisdiction involved)
  • Name services (availability based on jurisdiction involved)
  • Ad-Hoc corporate filings (availability based on jurisdiction involved)
  • Asset registration and representation services (availability based on jurisdiction involved)
  • Lien/Registered charge/mortgage filing (i.e.: UCC equivalent filings)
  • Other custom options (contact us)
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  • Will my document requests return the same documents from each country?
    Every jurisdiction has its own set of rules and regulations the govern legal documentation. The international equivalents of documents may have different naming conventions, or the information may not match one-to-one with those locally available requiring supplemental documents or may be issued in the local language requiring translations. It is important to keep this in mind when searching and retrieving documents in different jurisdictions.
  • Do I need to work with different local providers in each country?
    Managing multiple relationships with service providers around the world is cumbersome and time-consuming. Working with an experienced and truly global provider like CT Corporation can help streamline your international requests all in one place. No matter the issue or where it arises, with CT Corporation, there is only one number to remember.
  • What are global transactional services?
    CT Corporation’s Global Transactional Services (GTS) is a comprehensive suite of products and services designed to help support corporate transactions and address legal compliance obligations outside of the United States. From document searches and retrievals, to legalizations, due diligence support, statutory filings, and more, CT Corporation has the expertise to get the job done accurately and on-time.
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