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ComplianceTháng Mười 24, 2023

Managing your internal audit risks

As internal auditors, we have a key role in our organization to ensure that risks are identified and appropriately controlled. But how well do we understand and manage the risks in our own activities? We have a responsibility to actively manage our own risks, including risks relating to our audit activity and those associated with running the function. To do this effectively, we need to establish robust risk management practices, including defining our risk appetite, conducting thorough risk control self-assessments, and being clear on accountabilities for managing these risks.

View this webinar to explore an integrated framework for successful internal audit risk management drawn from the real-world experience of internal audit risk management. This session is particularly relevant for Chief Audit Executives, Directors and Head of Audit and Functional operations leads who are accountable for the effective management of the internal audit function and managing the multitude of risks internal audit activities create.

Learning objectives:

  • Explore the internal audit risks we encounter every day
  • Understand these risks through the presentation of a simple internal audit risk management framework
  • Examine a range of risk management activities that can help you successfully manage these risks
  • Understand how to apply the framework to your own risk management challenges through real-world applications of the ideas presented
View the on-demand webinar
Note: CPE is not offered on this webinar recording. We offer CPE credits on many of our live webinars. Click here to view our upcoming webinar calendar.
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