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Natuzzi streamlines its internal audit function to reflect the same level of precision they apply to their furniture designs

Natuzzi has been selling high-quality Italian-designed furniture worldwide since 1959. In the last few years, it has transformed its internal audit function to provide similarly streamlined support to the business, with the help of TeamMate+.

When you buy an Italian sofa for your city apartment or cool coastal beach house, you look for a sleek, modern, sophisticated design. When you recline on it to enjoy a glass of Barolo, you expect the comfort of high-quality fabrics, a robust frame, and an ergonomic structure.

If you happen to be an internal auditor, you might be interested to learn more about the high-tech business processes that went into creating it.

Producing a chic sofa is one thing, but ridding any complex, multi-jurisdictional manufacturing and retailing business of its lumps and bumps is quite another. In 2017, Natuzzi’s Chief Internal Auditor understood that his team had to refine its operations and sharpen its focus if it was to offer senior management what they needed to take the business forward.

One of the big successes for us was that [TeamMate+] the software allowed us to configure it to exactly the specifications we required – it wasn’t a generic off-the-shelf product.
Chief Internal Auditor at Natuzzi Group

Download the Natuzzi TeamMate+ Audit Case Study

Inside this case study, you'll learn about Natuzzi's challenges, some tips for success, and a look into how TeamMate+ Audit helped transform Natuzzi's internal audit function.
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Organization name: Natuzzi

Industry: Household goods

Headquarters: Santeramo in Colle, Italy

Solution used: TeamMate+ Audit

Customer since: 2011
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