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ComplianceTháng Sáu 15, 2023

Audit value: Extend your contribution, enhance your brand

How does your internal audit function bring value to your organization? Can you articulate this in a way that is compelling? Are the necessary activities in place to ensure that you truly deliver value, and this is recognized by your stakeholders? In summary, do you want to widen your function’s contribution and enhance your audit brand?

Many audit functions are rightly under pressure from both the Board and CEO to increase their contribution to the organization’s success; to drive higher value from the investment made in the audit function. However, many functional leaders often struggle to look beyond the delivery of the audit plan and core assurance activity to identify a wider range of audit ‘value drivers’ which could, if implemented, deliver significant extended value. Watch the on-demand webinar to explore a framework of eight audit value drivers – areas where audit could quickly extend the contribution it brings to the organization and enhance its reputation. The framework presented is drawn from real-world experience and is illustrated by practical examples of implementation.

Learning objectives:

  • Explore a framework of audit value drivers, drawn from real-world experience and practical examples of implementation.
  • Gain ideas and tips about areas you may wish to explore to enhance your audit brand.
  • Learn how to extend the contribution you and your audit colleagues make to your organization’s success.


Jonathan Chapman will talk about his experience of successful internal audit functions and the wide contribution they make. Jonathan operated as Internal Audit Chief Operating Officer at Aviva and Lloyds Banking Group and, more recently, has been advising a range of Internal Audit and Risk Executives on successful functional change.

View the on-demand webinar
Note: CPE is not offered on this webinar recording. We offer CPE credits on many of our live webinars. Click here to view our upcoming webinar calendar.
Jonathan Chapman
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