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Wolters Kluwer’s Drug Diversion solution receives outstanding rating in AI/ML effectiveness by KLAS

Newly acquired AI-based solution recognized for its success in combating drug diversion in healthcare facilities.

Wolters Kluwer Health is proud to announce that following its acquisition of Invistics, the company’s drug diversion monitoring software received exceptional recognition from KLAS in the Drug Diversion Monitoring 2023 report. The recently published KLAS report highlights the artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, customer satisfaction, ease of use, and effectiveness of the solution in identifying and preventing drug diversion incidents within healthcare organizations.

Drug diversion, the unlawful redirection of prescription drugs for personal use or sale, poses a significant threat to patient safety, healthcare providers, and the integrity of the healthcare system. According to the International Health Facility Diversion Association, an estimated 37,000 diversion incidents occur in U.S. facilities each year, and this number is likely underreported.1 Quickly identifying and preventing drug diversion is essential for patient safety and ensures clinical staff suffering from substance use disorder can access the appropriate treatment and resources as soon as possible.

The KLAS report underscored the significance of the drug diversion challenge and the vital role that Wolters Kluwer's new drug diversion solution plays in addressing it. Key findings from the report include:


Satisfied customers

Respondents praised the platform’s AI capabilities, highlighting risk-scoring reports and the software's ability to identify potential diversions. One respondent noted that the AI continually learns from their facility and other users, enabling customizable alerts tailored to each hospital's unique needs.

Positive long-term outlook

Respondents stated that the solution is crucial to their long-term plans. They expressed optimism about the future and commended the vendor for its responsiveness to their feedback.*

Proactive and quality support

Customers applauded the vendor's proactive support, with easy access to executive leadership, affirming the vendor's commitment to delivering on promises. The quality of phone and web support affirms the organization’s dedication to providing top-tier customer assistance.*

Investigative guidance

Wolters Kluwer's Invistics was the only vendor to receive a "Good" rating* in the "Analytics accurately highlight investigational needs" category, underscoring the solution's ability to pinpoint areas requiring further investigation.

This recognition from KLAS highlights a growing AI revolution in drug diversion detection and its ability to transform the landscape with earlier detection and interventions that improve patient safety and decrease risk to clinical teams and hospitals. Wolters Kluwer is on a journey to ensure the best care everywhere for patients—this is another way we deliver advanced technologies that help healthcare facilities safeguard their operations against the risks to staff and patients.
Karen Kobelski, Vice President and General Manager of Clinical Surveillance Compliance & Data Solutions, Wolters Kluwer, Health. 
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1 1 Briers, Stuart, and Lilly Chapa. “The Dirty Secret of Drug Diversion.” www.asisonline.org, ASIS International, 1 August 2017, https://www.asisonline.org/security-management-magazine/articles/2017/08/the-dirty-secret-of-drug-diversion/. Accessed 15 June 2023.

*Indicates limited data

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