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While most states have groceries sales tax-exempt or at a reduced rate, prepared food is almost always taxed and has multiple layers of tax complexity. There is no rule of thumb to determine when you should collect sales tax or what items are exempt, except by doing thorough research or relying on sales and use tax software, such as CCH® SureTax®. For example, cold prepared food in California is not taxable. However, if you sell it as part of a combo with other products, the sale can be taxable. The complex nature of sales and use tax in this industry can create frustration, and confusion, and open your company up to liability when it comes to an audit. 

The good news is CCH SureTax has you covered every step of the way and creates a single source of truth for sales and use tax. The end-to-end sales and use tax automation platform is the dependable solution to help you expand your presence, such as offering food delivery in new areas, and keep your retail business tax compliant.   

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