With Passport, you can:

  • Gain visibility into legal spend to better control costs with dashboards and reporting
  • Inform strategic decision-making to improve matter outcomes and mitigate legal risk
  • Tighten collaboration with legal service providers to streamline work and improve communication
  • Source and staff legal work smarter with powerful data insights
  • Drive down the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your legal and claims systems
Passport legal spend management and legal matter management
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Standout features of Passport


Automate and enforce business processes

Automatically catch billing errors and enforce compliance with outside counsel guidelines or assign tasks and generate both internal and external reminders and notifications using our rules engine


Reporting and business intelligence

Empower actionable analytics and in-depth measurement and benchmarking across all areas of legal operations and with business intelligence capabilities


Manage matters in Microsoft® Office

Passport® Office Companion lets you complete day-to-day legal workflows in the Microsoft programs you use the most, accelerating productivity and simplifying document collaboration.


Highly configurable with open integration

Use Passport toolkits to configure and extend Passport and to develop new applications or modules on the platform. The Passport connector library provides pre-packaged integrations between Passport and other best-in-class or enterprise applications.



Manage budgets, timekeeper rates, accruals, matters, and documents with outside counsel securely and efficiently through the Passport Collaboration Portal, combined with the Collaboration Module.


Global e-billing

Enable e-billing on a global scale in compliance with varied and complex tax and regulatory requirements with the platform's multi-currency capabilities and full support for compliance with the EU VAT Directive.

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Hear from our Passport clients

  • Walmart
  • Nissan
  • United Airlines

  • Marsh McLennan
  • Lumen
Passport features tools that will allow us to evolve the system, thus providing the department with insurance against changing business needs.
– Walmart
Passport was chosen because it is a comprehensive system that is equipped with the necessary flexibility and features to handle all of our unique requirements.
– Nissan
Passport will provide a legal technology infrastructure that supports both our near-term operational needs, as well as allow us to evolve the system to support long-term legal strategy.
– United Airlines
An advanced technology platform like Passport allows lawyers to aggregate, store, and share data in ways never before possible.
– Marsh McLennan
In developing our long-term technology strategy, we selected Passport because it will bring all of our departments’ systems together in one place and has the capabilities to enhance collaboration internally and with outside counsel.
– Lumen

More ways to tailor Passport to you

For ultimate flexibility and to easily keep pace with changing business needs, extend your solution with Passport application modules. Each application module comes out of the box with best practices-based fields, templates, reports, and more.

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