Streamline compliance and drive strategic, sustainable growth
with CCH® Tagetik ESG & Sustainability

You’ve walked the ESG walk — now it’s time to talk the ESG talk.
CCH Tagetik ESG & Sustainability gives everything you need to manage ESG reporting and the data intelligence to achieve long-term sustainable growth.

Address Environmental, Social, and Governance evolving requirements with a pre-built and configurable expert solution that streamlines data collection, calculation, and KPI disclosure. Beyond compliance, the true power of this solution is that it shows you how ESG initiatives and financial performance converge. By embedding ESG KPIs into your financial and operational plans, you're equipped to improve decision making, identify growth opportunities, and combat risk – credit, climate, reputational, and more.

Build a better future. With CCH Tagetik ESG & Sustainability,  you’ll facilitate compliance while driving sustainable strategies that improve outcomes and your Environmental, Social, and Governance score.

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Happy customers
CCH Tagetik ESG & Sustainability Performance Management is trusted by leading companies across all industries.
  • Generali
  • Manitou
  • A2A
  • Fedrus International
  • Unicredit
  • Mediaset
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Transforming finance: Generali's journey to sustainable reporting

Explore Generali's transformative journey in financial reporting and sustainability, discovering purpose-driven initiatives and future opportunities in ESG reporting.
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Building cross-functional collaboration: ESG experience at Manitou Group

Uncover Manitou's ESG success story with CCH® Tagetik, empowering sustainable business practices.
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Leading the way to a sustainable future: A2A's commitment to ESG and circular economy

A2A's strategic plan drives sustainability through ESG focus, decarbonization, and positive change with CCH Tagetik
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Fedrus International efficiently streamlines ESG reporting with CCH® Tagetik

Discover how Fedrus International leverages CCH® Tagetik's ESG tool for streamlined reporting and sustainable goals 
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UniCredit’s path to sustainability: Integrating ESG for empowered impact

Learn how UniCredit empowers communities and fosters sustainable practices through data integration.
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Mediaset selects CCH Tagetik to drive ESG KPIs into their financial and operational plans

CCH Tagetik ESG & Sustainability helps Mediaset to streamline data collection, calculation, and new KPIs disclosure.
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Streamline compliance with CCH Tagetik ESG & Sustainability

Meet evolving ESG reporting requirements with ease. Combining our regulatory expertise with a foundation for ESG data intelligence, your disclosures won’t skip a beat as regulations and frameworks evolve.

  • Create disclosures confidently using pre-defined content
  • Improve control using a process workflow and audit logs
  • Centralize financial, nonfinancial and ESG data
  • Reduce risk with built-in calculations and standard reports
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Improve your Environmental, Social and Governance score and minimize risk

Balance short-term financial performance with long-term sustainability. With insight into the cause and effect of ESG initiatives on financial outcomes, you'll create plans that serve ESG objectives, satisfy stakeholders, and make decisions that improve your bottom line.

  • Use strategic planning to improve decision making
  • Limit risk and optimize resources with what-if analysis tools
  • Simulate scenarios to optimize your Environmental, Social, and Governance score
  • Create driver-based models to turn ESG insights into action
  • Fine-tune costs with a powerful allocation engine
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Frequently asked questions

What is corporate governance?

Corporate governance refers to the structures, processes, practices, policies and rules that control and direct an organization and all corporate behaviour. For companies, establishing corporate governance means a balancing act of stakeholders and their respective interests in an effort to align company activities with them. 

What do we mean by stakeholders? There are two types: internal and external. Internal stakeholders refers to those with interests within the company, including executives, management, the board of directors and employees. External stakeholders refers to anyone affected by the corporation, including customers, suppliers, shareholders, investors, financiers, government, regulators and the public at large.

Ideally, corporate governance creates a set of rules and controls that everyone in the company abides by in order to not just reach company objectives, but even in setting them. Corporate governance implicitly refers to managing and monitoring the activities within a company in order to mitigate risk and manage behaviour in order to ensure corporate responsibility. It includes internal controls, performance management, reporting, disclosure, corporate values and data governance but that’s not all. A comprehensive approach to corporate governance puts all these processes within the larger social, regulatory and market environment.

The UK’s Cadbury Report, the OECD’s Principles of Corporate Governance and the US’s Sarbanes-Oxley Act list a set of principles and guidelines that set a standard for corporate governance and internal controls in an effort to hold companies more accountable for ethics, record keeping and reporting integrity.

ESG regulations have landed on the desk of major authorities. The EU is leading the way with the EU taxonomy, Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation, and New Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive all recently effective. Even in regions where compliance is not yet mandatory, many companies are voluntarily adopting ESG frameworks in order to demonstrate an early commitment to investors, consumers, and other stakeholders.

What is Environmental Social Governance?

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) is a framework used to assess a company's sustainability and ethical performance.

Environmental, Social, and Governance reports include qualitative and quantitative information on three key topics:
  • environmental impact
  • social responsibility
  • corporate governance.

The environmental aspect evaluates a company's efforts to be an environmental steward, reduce its ecological footprint, and promote sustainability.

The social dimension focuses on improving lives and encompasses employee treatment, community engagement, and human rights. Corporate governance assesses a company’s leadership, transparency, and accountability. Environmental, Social, and Governance helps investors make informed decisions by considering these non-financial factors, encouraging responsible operations, risk mitigation, and positive environmental and societal contributions.

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