Pair the tools you already know with CCH Tagetik and Microsoft integration

The office of finance needs to work at an increasingly fast pace. That’s why CCH Tagetik seamlessly integrates with the Microsoft tools you’re already using: Microsoft Office, SQL, Dynamics, SharePoint, and PowerBI.

Our partnership eliminates time-consuming user learning curves, lowers your Total Cost of Ownership, and leverages your existing investments by using CCH Tagetik data with Microsoft products. Your team can get to work quickly without any additional training. Automate data governance and extend the power of the Microsoft tools you’re familiar with by integrating CCH Tagetik and Microsoft.

3 reasons why CCH Tagetik and Microsoft let's you focus on your business

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  • Eurotech
We leverage CCH Tagetik and Microsoft SharePoint to eliminate external spreadsheets, simplify consolidation and quarterly statutory reporting, and improve integration with our other Microsoft BI tools. We’ve unified all our entire consolidation and reporting processes — from collecting and adjusting data to making intercompany reconciliations and financial reports.
Sandro Barazza
We needed a vendor that could take our budgeting and planning to the next level while also supporting the complexity of being a global company. CCH Tagetik became the clear leader because of its strong, unified solution that includes external reporting, XBRL, financial close, and built-in integration with Microsoft Analysis Services and SharePoint.
Ronald van Veen
CCH Tagetik has greatly improved our budgeting and forecasting processes. The system is easy to use and administer, which has improved the efficiencies for the finance team and our end users. Another advantage was CCH Tagetik’s partnership with Microsoft and their easy integration with Microsoft SQL Server database and Microsoft SharePoint.
Barbara Cristea
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Key capabilities

Maximize your investments. Combine Microsoft’s applications with CCH Tagetik’s financial intelligence to feed a single source of corporate data into Microsoft Office documents, BI dashboards, reports, and presentations.

  • Automatically populate Excel sheets with CCH Tagetik data
  • Craft reports and presentations in Word and PowerPoint
  • Analyze customer performance with Microsoft Dynamics
  • Simplify IT by running CCH Tagetik on Microsoft SQL server
  • Intuitive dashboards and track KPI’s with PowerBI
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Key benefits

Take advantage of your investments in Microsoft technology and the skill sets you already have on hand. With CCH Tagetik and Microsoft’s integration, you’ll lower your TCO, appease your CIO, and extend the value of your corporate performance management data.

  • Lower learning curve with familiar software
  • Leverage your investment in Microsoft
  • Seamlessly integrate CCH Tagetik into SQL environments
  • Improve MS Office reporting with workflow and control
  • Comply with Microsoft corporate standards
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Happy Customers
CCH Tagetik's CCH Tagetik & Microsoft is trusted by leading companies across all industries.

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