CCH Tagetik and Qlik integration provide dynamic visualizations to get the whole picture quickly

Explore your data without limits. The CCH Tagetik and Qlik integration combines our powerful centralized data source with dynamic, real-time visualizations so you can freely investigate the entire picture of your financial and operational data.

CCH Tagetik’s unified platform ensures you’re always working with a single version of the truth, giving you confidence in your data and control of your information at all times. Qlik takes your analysis one step further with self-service data exploration, graphic visualizations, and dashboards you can create and customize quickly. Investigate your data, visualize KPIs, and take action on your insights. The CCH Tagetik and Qlik integration paints the whole picture of performance so you can make better decisions, faster.

3 reasons why CCH Tagetik and Qlik let's you focus on your business

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This partnership responds to the growing demand from companies to empower their business with powerful and flexible visual analysis tools to immediately provide relevant and trusted information and insight into their business.
Rosagrazia Bombini
This partnership was facilitated by several very large global companies who are using both CCH Tagetik and Qlik and realized the benefit of tight integration that takes advantage of the respective strengths of our products.
Bani Brandolini
Thanks to the seamless integration, companies can have greater insight into financial information and metrics that drive decision-making processes, resulting in a significant competitive advantage.
Rosagrazia Bombini
Intercompany Matching & Reconciliation
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Key capabilities

Remain agile in today’s fast-changing world. With the seamless integration of CCH Tagetik and Qlik Sense, the Office of the CFO has the data discovery and visualization tools they need to effectively analyze and understand their business.

  • Self-service interface and data investigation
  • Create ad hoc reports and customize dashboards
  • Drag and drop data in graphs, charts, and dashboards
  • Graphically represent data in visualizations
  • Report creation wizard
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Key benefits

Anywhere, anytime, any device. With CCH Tagetik and Qlik’s integration, self-service corporate performance data discovery has gone mobile. Explore data, create visual reports, and share real-time insights wherever work takes you.

  • Accelerate data discovery
  • Investigate real-time data on the fly
  • Extend the value of CCH Tagetik data
  • Single view of company’s performance
  • Align all stakeholders
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Happy Customers
CCH Tagetik's CCH Tagetik & Qlik is trusted by leading companies across all industries.

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