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The Telecommunications Reports (TR) product suite on VitalLaw® provides timely, reliable, and comprehensive coverage of regulatory, legislative, policy, and business news covering the U.S. telecommunications sector all in one place. Plus, you can access and search the archives.

Your success or failure in the high-stakes telecom business depends not only on how well informed you are, but how timely you’re informed. And that is where TR has played a critical role for more than 80 years as a unique and trusted industry resource.

Produced by accredited professional journalists, each with 10-20 years of experience covering communications sector regulatory and legislative news for legal and regulatory professionals, the TR product suite is comprised of the following publications:

  • Telecommunications Reports
  • TR Daily
  • State NewsWire
  • Cybersecurity Policy Report
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TR Daily and State NewsWire provide one clear, thorough picture — 
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