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Offering dynamic workflow, our VitalLaw Family Suite combines authoritative content, expert analysis and practice aids for family law practitioners, legal researchers and scholars.

Expert analysis and authoritative content

Our Family Law Suite delivers reliable, professional guidance on several major areas of interest needed in the practice of family law, including child support, QDROs, prenuptial agreements, the use of psychological experts in divorce, valuing assets in divorce, and more.

Practice aids

State-of-the-art QDROs, step-by-step methods for performing key calculations, forms, checklists and much more come together to support your family law practice as you handle even the most complex matters.


With access to the quarterly American Journal of Family Law, you will receive in-depth, relevant commentary on the current issues found in today’s family law practice. Analysis blends the practicality of professional experience with the credibility of thorough research to provide significant understanding of the changing perspectives in family law litigation.

Training & Support

Wolters Kluwer offers a full range of training, from online videos to custom training.

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