The information you need to deliver the best patient care — from anywhere.

Whether you are new to telehealth or have been practicing for years, Lippincott TelemedInsights provides essential training and support, allowing you to treat your patients efficiently, effectively, and safely.

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Understanding telehealth

  • Benefits, challenges, and future of telehealth
  • Providing quality remote examinations

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Reimbursement and regulations

  • Telehealth regulations and news
  • Telehealth reimbursement

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Telehealth resources

  • Tools and interfaces
  • Future directions

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Continuity of care is critical when treating patients virtually.

Whether you are a clinician, educator, or student, Lippincott TelemedInsights will help you optimize this technology to provide safe, patient-centered care.

  • Improve health outcomes by providing quality, consistent preventive care across a variety of patient demographics and situations.
  • Lower costs by improving productivity and cost-effective care and creating a long-term and sustainable treatment model.
  • Improve patient experience by providing care that mimics an in-person visit while putting the patient at ease.
  • Improve their own experience by streamlining appointments and optimizing the workflow, allowing practitioners to make the most of their time with patients and enabling them to better balance their own lives, reducing stress and burnout.
  • Extend healthcare in the community by offering increased care equality and inclusion.

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