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Provide your users with the best selection of current, core content in medicine, nursing and science with books, journals, and databases on Ovid®.

Ovid® Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Collection
With the growing importance of equitable care delivery – especially notable in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic – it makes sense to expand your portfolio of content that discusses issues of healthcare disparities, culturally-sensitive care, and diverse staffing.
From GIDEON Informatics, here's a comprehensive and accurate quick reference for making disease diagnoses and researching disease epidemiology. This one-of-a-kind resource is ideal for detecting and identifying new diseases and pathogens, tracking outbreaks, preventing further spread, understanding the epidemiology of diseases, and training students and others
LWW Total Access Archive Collection
Own the backfiles from Lippincott Williams & Wilkins - available a la carte or in cost-effective collections. Archival resources are crucial to the research process, providing a valuable chronology of theories and discoveries that underpin today’s healthcare practices and inform future innovations.

Advancing healthcare with JBI

Healthcare professionals, researchers and policymakers strive to improve health outcomes and provide the highest quality care to patients. Achieve this goal with evidence-based point-of-care content and software from JBI - one of the world’s leading evidence-based practice (EBP) organizations - available exclusively on Ovid®!

JBI’s evidence-based healthcare model is considered a benchmark in the global healthcare industry. To facilitate the model, JBI has developed a collection of world-class resources driven by the needs of health professionals and consumers worldwide. Ovid offers the full suite of JBI’s evidence-based practice resources in a range of tailored packages.

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Astute Doctor
This suite of 6 CME-physician interactive online courses helps licensed physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, residents in training, and medical school students acquire practical skills to improve how they communicate with their patients, resulting in better patient safety, satisfaction, and health outcomes, while minimizing physician burnout, malpractice risk, and cost of care.

To successfully perform critical functions such as pharmacovigilance, generating high-quality systematic reviews in support of evidence-based medicine, and drug and medical device efficacy studies, pharmaceutical and life sciences organizations require a wide array of biomedical evidence.

LWW Doody's Core Collection - 2022
Doody’s Core Titles™ have been selected by academically affiliated healthcare professionals and medical librarians, and are considered must-have resources for practitioners, researchers, and students. 218 premium books published by Lippincott® in medicine, nursing, and health sciences have been designated as Doody’s Core Titles™ by healthcare professionals and medical librarians.

Ovid® Synthesis Clinical Evidence Manager
A workflow management solution that organizes, standardizes, and accelerates quality improvement, evidence-based practice, and research projects across your institution

Lippincott Journals: New for 2022, Lippincott® now publishes the following titles:

BioDigital Human on Ovid – a 3D human body anatomy teaching solution – take students on a virtual anatomy tour, where they can immerse themselves in the inner workings of the human body and explore disease evaluation, progression, and treatment.

OrthoEvidence on Ovid
Surgeons, physicians, orthopaedic specialists, nurses, and therapists can discover a comprehensive collection of analyses of the best international evidence in orthopaedics and musculoskeletal research.

ASCO’s JCO Digital Library is now available,
including all of the following titles: 

  • Journal of Clinical Oncology®
  • JCO® Oncology Practice
  • JCO® Global Oncology
  • JCO® Clinical Cancer Informatics
  • JCO® Precision Oncology
New eBooks Collections are now available on Ovid from Springer Nature, one of the world’s leading publishers of medical and health science information. The collections are available in a range of medical disciplines.

Ovid user enhancements

We are constantly looking at ways to improve usability and provide solutions for our customers’ needs. Recent enhancements include:

Screenshot of Ovid Search Sharing

Search Sharing

Ovid Search Sharing features are the latest enhancement to the Ovid search interface. Regardless of the length of the strategy or the complexity of the search, users can now easily share their searches via email or by copying a stable link.

Users will see three new buttons in the Search History Panel: Email All Search History, Copy Search History Link, and Copy Search History Details.

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Screenshot of Ovid Term Finder

Term Finder

The Ovid Term Finder feature is designed to streamline the searching experience by providing definitions and additional context with MeSH® Terms and synonyms and integrating them into the interface when searching Ovid MEDLINE®. Term Finder will advance your searching with:

  • Ability to select multiple terms to add to your Ovid search or copy to clipboard
  • Direct access to all facets of MeSH:
    • Interactive MeSH browser
    • List of Used for Terms
    • Scope Notes
    • List of Subheadings
  • Definitions from Stedman’s® Medical Dictionary
  • Related Terms from the Unified Medical Language System (UMLS)

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Screenshot of Ovid Journals Reader

Books Reading Experience

A user-friendly solution with access to a wide range of eBooks across medical subject areas, featuring titles from the world’s leading scholarly publishers. Users can access a growing list of over 11,400 current, online book editions, including one of the largest selections of core clinical eBooks.

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Journals Reading Experience

Our new journals reading experience helps users access the content they need as quickly as possible. It features responsive design that adapts article viewing for an optimal reading experience on desktop, laptop and mobile devices, suggested related articles for additional reading, and enhanced browse and search functionality that allows users to filter by subscription, open access content, or to limit to journals that are publishing new issues.

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