As the premier medical research solution, Ovid wants to ensure all health breakthroughs are informed by rich insights, providing the global community with the evidence to make the impossible possible.

That level of research excellence takes remarkable commitment. Every day, medical librarians, clinicians, researchers, and scholars around the world meet that challenge when they start their search on Ovid. They trust us to help them get it right.

Why Ovid?

We provide the most recent premium resources from more than 150 publishers, covering over 100 specialty areas, and support archival resources critical to understanding the historical perspective on medical diagnoses and treatment. These include:

  • More than 6,000 eBooks, and many book collections
  • Over 1,400 premium, peer-reviewed journals, and dozens of journal collections
  • Over 100 bibliographic and full-text databases

And only Ovid offers full access to books and journals from Lippincott®, a leading global publisher of current and influential medical, nursing, and allied health research.

Ovid content covers a wide range of core and niche scientific, medical, and healthcare disciplines including:

  • Medicine
  • Nursing & Health Professions
  • Behavioral Sciences
  • Basic Sciences
  • Humanities & Technologies
  • Agriculture and Food Sciences
  • Engineering
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