Quality data is the backbone of better performance.

Quality improvement is complex, but essential in value-based care environments. Boost HEDIS scores, Star ratings, and population health initiatives with data quality solutions that standardize and extract value from your data.

Wolters Kluwer end-to-end data quality solutions equip health plans with high-quality, actionable data that enables them to tailor care delivery for members and populations, support compliance with HEDIS quality measures, and achieve internal quality goals.

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Transform your data into value

Leverage Unstructured Data

Supplement claims data with data from EHRs, lab systems and other clinical systems and tap into unstructured data types such as clinical notes to support for quality metrics and reporting programs.

Increase Reporting Accuracy

Improve the value of actionable data, which provides a financial advantage to health plans capable of demonstrating the ability to deliver efficient and effective care to members.

Connect Clinical and Claims Data

Connect billing and reimbursement data (CPT, ICD) with clinical data (LOINC and SNOMED) – which is essential to HEDIS reporting and member management initiatives.

Decrease Administrative Burden

Standardize codes to a single format, reducing the manual work required to manipulate the data for reporting.

How we help health plans

Access reliable, actionable data to improve performance on HEDIS quality measures – from administrative burdens to the handling of the data.

Wolters Kluwer delivers a powerful combination of expert consulting, comprehensive services and leading technology to move the needle on performance and to help you make more informed decisions related to member and population health. Get the most out of your enterprise data with an end-to-end data management portfolio that supports improvements in quality measurement and reporting, population health initiatives, quality improvement efforts, compliance and value-based reimbursement.

What's at stake for health plans?

  • HEDIS is used by 90% of health payers, including commercial plans
  • In 2016, HEDIS data covered 81% of all insured lives
  • Through the NCQA, HEDIS results are publicly available to consumers and account for 33% of accreditation scores

Expert Insights for Health Plans

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