Leverage High-Quality Data to Obtain Actionable Insights and Deliver Optimal Results

Health plans are under pressure to transform how they operate to improve profitability, support new healthcare business models, and reduce inefficiencies. Health Language solutions help health plans better manage their data, deriving actionable insights so they can support mission-critical initiatives in the areas of quality improvement, member management, compliance, and value-based reimbursement.

Data Governance

Enterprise processes are burdened by legacy systems and variable data sources. Modernize data collection and break down internal data silos by establishing a single source of truth across your organization.

Quality and Risk Management

Quality measurement improvement is complex and increasingly tied to profitability. Quality data help you boost HEDIS® scores, support population health initiatives and enhance reimbursement.

Claims Operations

Inaccurate claims are costly. Minimize financial exposure, ensure compliance, and drive improvements in population health with precision claims data.

Member Management

Make informed decisions and enhance member management with data solutions that help close gaps in care, reduce the use of costly acute care through preventive services, and optimize care and disease management programs.

End-to-end data quality solutions deliver value for health plans

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Centralize and Manage Data

Ensure there is a single source of truth across your organization while reducing costs and overhead of managing multiple suppliers. More effectively manage clinical, claims and business data to enable interoperability, drive compliance, and improve operational efficiencies.

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Merge Clinical and Claims Data

Enable full interoperability across organizations while building upon existing infrastructure using a suite of cloud-based APIs. Align internal terminologies and map disparate clinical and claims data using the industry’s most sophisticated algorithms.

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Leverage Unstructured Text

Extract optimal information from your unstructured data including clinical notes, and use it to make more informed business decisions. Extract clinical concepts locked in unstructured text, thereby enabling interoperability and powering reporting and analytics efforts.

Access reliable, actionable data to improve member care, boost quality measures, and support value-based reimbursement.

Expert Insights for Health Plans 

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Wolters Kluwer delivers a powerful combination of expert consulting, comprehensive services and leading technology that can help you build the foundation for sustainable results. Get the most out of your enterprise data with an end-to-end data management portfolio tailored to the needs of health plans.

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