Automate complex fund investment calculations & reporting including: 
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Wash Sales

Automate the calculation of wash sale deferrals and reversals, accounting for the current period as well as all prior years' activity.

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Automate straddle position linking and tracking of deferrals accounting for the current period as well as all prior years' activity. 

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Automate the calculation of tax reallocations on REIT securities as well as basis adjustments on securities sold. 

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Automate the calculation of the PFIC Mark-to-Market adjustment as well as the basis adjustment of sold PFIC's.

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Automate the calculation of holding period and domestic vs. foreign classification for reporting on QDI and DRD.

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GainsKeeper FundTax

Spend less time on tax reporting compliance and reduce risk by automating tax adjustments for mutual funds with a streamlined process you can trust.

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FundTax leverages GainsKeeper's tax lot accounting system for transaction processing and excise tax reporting. 

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