Step up inherited basis tracking

After a client inherits fixed income securities, tracking stepped up basis and interest accrued from the last coupon date up to the date of death (DOD) occurs. Tracking these calculations can be tedious and time consuming. Also, because many traditional outsourcing channels may not retrieve full stepped up basis data, the resulting basis gaps often require significant data chasing and manual reconciliations.

BasisPro Inheritance is a fully automated fixed income batch processing service that can quickly and accurately calculate, track and report fixed income inheritance basis and accrued interest calculations for most fixed income securities. It eliminates the challenges associated with missing or inaccurate fixed income calculations and DOD basis information by using advanced technology that rebuilds cost basis.

BasisPro Inheritance provides calculations for a wide range of fixed income securities including:

  • Government bond
  • Corporate bonds
  • Municipal bonds

BasisPro Inheritance also covers bond subtypes including:

  • Simple Bonds
  • Paydowns
  • Partial Calls
  • Variable Rates
  • Strips
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