Problems solved:

Lack of staff members to devote to monitoring corporate actions and their tax implications
Risk due to failure to book a transaction or inaccurately booking a transaction
Costly mistakes due to lack of understanding of the tax consequences of corporate actions
Time-consuming processes
Need for operational efficiency in tracking corporate action tax consequences
Difficulty incorporating basis related adjustments into operations portfolio accounting systems

Key features:

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Highly detailed and accurate corporate action taxability information
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Automated corporate action taxability for all US and foreign equities, based on customer securities of interest
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Timely cost basis and fair market value information
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One stop shopping for all publicly available Form 8937s
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Historical corporate actions
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Cost basis calculator
Product Sheet
Capital Changes Withholding Suite
Accurate and timely withholding is a critical component of broker operations.
Because withholding agents are personally liable for any tax required to be withheld, noncompliance creates costly risks and financial liabilities for firms that must withhold U.S. tax on payments to nonresident aliens, and firms that deliver Forms 1099 to U.S. taxpayers.

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