Finance 24 février, 2020

Notre méthodologie qui a fait ses preuves, notre expérience d'intégration et nos connaissances financières garantissent le succès de l'ensemble des projets CPM CCH Tagetik

Nous mettons le client au coeur de chacunes de nos innovations et sommes déterminés à répondre à l'ensemble des besoins uniques de nos clients. Découvrez leurs retours d'expérience sur l'implémentation de CCH Tagetik.

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What's really impressed us in the implementation phase is really getting into production mode - that was really seamless.Our IT team was able to work with CCH Tagetik's IT folks and really flip the switch.

It seemed like in a matter of a couple of hours and we were up and running in production.What's impressed me the most during the implementation was the professionalism of our consultants.

The care with which they went through the design phase with us,to explore our requirements and understand what we needed.

I think for us the implementation was a huge success.

There's lots of areas that we could point to but ultimately it's managed by the fact that it delivered what we wanted it to and what you promised you would.

It delivered that on time and it delivered that on budget.

I don't think I could really ask for much more on an implementation.

I would say that working with the CCH Tagetik consultants was very impressive.

The general responsiveness both duringimplementation and since implementation of those consultants has really impressed us.

The team that introduced it to us spoke very much the same language that we were used to.

The way the system was designed was very intuitive and aligned very well with what we wanted as a system going forward.The design was driven around quick implementation.

So we wanted to deliver the project within three months essentially, across five different sites.

A knowledgeable implementation team, a compelling product: our relationship with CCH Tagetik continues to be very good and strong and we've got reliable consultants we candiscuss issues with.

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