Finance 11 janvier, 2019

Avesoro a modernisé sa consolidation et son reporting de gestion avec la solution CCH Tagetik.

Le département financier d'Avesoro occupe le rôle principal en fournissant des informations financières solides et fiables avec CCH Tagetik sur le cloud.

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We are in mining and in terms of the business landscape and the challenges that we're facing, we focus as a business on cash and working capital,that's the main focus that we have, within finance and within senior management level as well.

For Avesoro resources it's important for the finance team to take a lead role in deliveringassigned insight and robust financials to senior management on a timely basis.

The chief factor that drove me to start looking at a more sophisticated consolidation toolwas that Avesoro had grown from mergers and acquisitions and we grown from a single asset site that was using Excel for its consolidationto suddenly having three sites and the steer from management was that we were going to be even more acquisitive, so I was looking to have a scalableoption, one that was quick to deliver results around governance and consistency.

CCH Tagetik, as a partner, has threee really strong points, its obviously a very robust solution and that's the key attraction, something that I can understand and something that's going to deliver value across the organization.

Over and above thatis they listen and they understand, they deliver a solution that's fit for the purpose of the business and linked to that is the quality of the support, it was very clear to me almoston a page what the system was doing and it's very clear to me in terms of my thinking where I think the business is going to be going from a management reporting perspective and from a compliance perspective,so choosing CCH Tagetik was one of those steps whereby bypass a lot of pain and go straight to some of those are really valuable gains that senior management are expecting.The key thing that using CCH Tagetik has allowed us to have is complete comfort with the numbers that we are looking at, an that was a really good grinding when it comes to having a singleversion of the truth, so that when we are in meeting we are discussing next steps, not whether the data is right.The key innovation that was delivered in our partnership with CCH Tagetik is taking the donkey work out of reporting.

If you're thinking about a new solution it's really worthwhile investigating what CCH Tagetik can do, so I recommend it personally.
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