Finance 08 janvier, 2020

Démo de 2 min : Utilisation des Break Back

La fonctionnalité de Break Back de CCH Tagetik vous permet d'étendre votre capacité à produire des plans rapidement et précisément à tous les niveaux de votre hiérarchie.

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Top-down planning or break back using CCH Tagetik.

So, what is break back? With CCH Tagetik, like with most systems, we allow you to save your numbers at the most granular level.

For example: if we pre-save numbers at Mexico, USA, Canada-level, we can see them rolled up in our hierarchies, in this case, at the North America level.

What break back allows you to do is save your numbers at that node-level, in any node, in any hierarchythat you currently have in the system.

It will then proportionally spread that number across all of the children and any of the numbers they may have in them at that time.

So once you incorporate break back,you expand your ability to do budgeting and planning.

You can do target setting, top-down planning, pre-seeding a set of periods, or even flash planning.

Let me show you an example.In this example, we're planning New York and Chicago's operating expenses for the entire year.

The system makes it clear to me where I can update numbers.

In this case, only in the yellow cells.

If I tried to change it in these white cells that are totals, they're blocked.

The cell cannot be edited.But I can update yellow cells, so I'll make this 300 and I'll make this 50.

Because we use Excel as the pallet for developing our data entry forms and our reports, I can copy this across the entire first quarter and save the changes.With this number successfully changed, let's change perspective and go from USA up to the North America-level and refresh the form.

You can see that totals for USA for January, February and March are 350, and 200 for the remainder of the year.I can make a change directly on the USA level.

It indicates I can do this because the cell is in yellow.

I'll go ahead and save this.

CCH Tagetik has broken it back for me.

I can even investigate this by selecting, analyzing, and by going anywhere.

As you can see, it took that six hundred and proportionally spread it across New York and Chicago.We can take it one step further and do budget pre-seeding.

If I use the spreading here and change the number of the total for the year to 4000,CCH Tagetik will then spread the number across the entire year.

I can go back in, save it again, and incorporate break back to then save it back to New York and Chicago for every month.

Once complete, I just change my perspective back to the USA and refresh.

We've now planned for the entire year with just a handful of clicks.Break back and top-down planning using CCH Tagetik.

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