Finance 10 octobre, 2018

Démo de 2 min : La gestion des changements organisationnels avec des hiérarchies dépendantes du temps

Avec un besoin constant de modélisation à la volée des changements organisationnels et restructurations, les utilisateurs financiers doivent être capables de s'adapter plus rapidement que jamais. En tirant profit d'une interface en glisser-déposer afin de rapidement générer de nouvelles vues ou classifications, les utilisateurs peuvent voir les hypothèses et peuvent analyser et anticiper l'impact des changements.

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Unlike traditional hierarchies structures that are rigid in nature, CCH Tagetik's Time Dependent Hierarchies provides the additional flexibility finance users need to be able to model organizational changes and restructures.

Let's take a look at a quick example.Before modeling any reorganizations we can use the simple revenue analysis report to view the current situation and in fact I can break down total product revenues by individual products familiesand I can confirm that right now there's no difference between either my time dependent or non time-dependent view.

However, if I want to start modeling, I want to start reorganizing for instance which products roll up into which product families, I can quickly access my product hierarchy and on the left-hand panel I can quickly see the actual structure of my hierarchywhere I break down software, hardware and electronic components into subcategories.

However to actually see the individual products that roll up into 'home software' I need to quickly point my hierarchy to a specific year, like my 2018 budget for the month of January and by simply clicking on 'home software'I can now see all of the individual products that roll up into that family.

And since our modeling and changing needs to be effective point in time what I can actually do is grab any of my different productssuch as games, software utilities or in this case multimedia player and I can drag it over from the 'home software' division into the 'components' subcategory and through the simple drag and drop exercise, I've now made an organizational change that I can simply reflect right back in my same reports and right away, both from my analytical tables as well as my graphs, we can see that change in real time.

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