When you form a corporation, a limited liability company (LLC), a foreign entity, or file for an assumed name (d.b.a.), you may be subject to publishing requirements. The obligation to publish a legal announcement is mandated by a state or a county-level law.

Vcorp can satisfy your publishing requirement
Vcorp holds a strong relationship with many of the publishing papers, therefore offering our clients the best competitive prices. Our experienced staff has the knowledge and information about approved newspapers and journals and will select the publications based on the location of the business that is required to place such announcement. You will receive your Affidavit of Publication after the completion of running your legal announcements.

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What our clients say:

Moving so many accounts could have required a lot of work on our end. We were shocked by how easy the Vcorp team made the transition for us, researching forms, statuses, and preparing all relative paperwork without requiring much time from our staff. We have referred others to Vcorp based on our satisfaction and will continue to do so in the future.
Avi Peison, Hampshire Properties
Strong enough to execute and small enough to care.
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