Experience the next evolution of tax and accounting firms with human/AI collaboration

Reserve your seat at the Welcome to the AI-Empowered Firm Experience session

Experience firsthand how AI is poised to revolutionize the way firms operate in this one-of-a-kind experience. In this hands-on, guided session, you’ll dive into five distinct AI-powered tools and scenarios that showcase the transformative potential of artificial intelligence. Don’t miss this opportunity to get a glimpse of the future of AI-enhanced firms!

Five AI-powered scenarios for you to interact with

Get hands-on with five AI use cases the Wolters Kluwer technology teams are exploring for the future of CCH Axcess.

AI-powered search

You have never experienced Search like this before. In the past, you used search to find things; with AI, you can use Search Assistants to create things. Tell the Search Assistant to create reports, summarize research, prepare personalized client letters – the possibilities are nearly limitless.

Firm guidance

Learn how AI can help your firm grow with real-time reporting based on your firm's data and industry standards. Leverage AI to provide insights and recommendations for improving client relationships, staff assignments, and much more.

Client relationship assistance

AI-powered dashboards, prompts, and automations that offer personalized insights and recommendations to enhance client relationships. Provide better, more attentive service while spending less time managing accounts and correspondence.

Smart scorecards

AI-enabled dashboards “rating” your firm and clients across strategic KPIs, helping you and your clients make more informed decisions. Your Firm Scorecard provides efficiency ratings, client ratings, and data-backed recommendations. The client-facing Client Scorecard helps client visualize their current tax savings and recommends opportunities for additional savings.

AI-powered benchmarking

Enhance your firm's profitability by offering up-to-the-minute reporting from your firm's data and anonymized data from similar firms. Harness the power of AI to deliver valuable insights and suggestions for adjusting billing rates, expanding services, and much more. The possibilities are endless!
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FAQs and session information

We are thrilled to offer this unique opportunity to explore the possibilities of AI, but please note that this experience is unlike other #CCHUC23 sessions: 

  • Registration is required to participate in this session and space is limited. 
  • The session is 50 minutes and will be available in nine of the 11 session blocks, including the 100-minute blocks. We ask that you not disturb the 100-minute sessions in progress when the AI experience concludes. 
  • If you are already registered for sessions, you will need to drop a session to add the AI-Empowered Firm Experience. 
  • This session is not CPE eligible. 
  • These scenarios are exploratory. Our technology teams are working hard to incorporate AI into Wolters Kluwer solutions in the safest, most impactful ways possible. That may include features similar to what you will experience in this session, but this is an opportunity to explore AI possibilities rather than being a preview of upcoming features. 
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