Medici centralizes commercial lending administration, expedites the loan process, and offers compliance management to minimize risk. Documents are compliant for all 51 jurisdictions and are backed by our compliance warranty while at the same giving users the flexibility to edit documents by transaction.

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Ideal for institutions with a separate commercial lending department.

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Focused on commercial/industrial loans and commercial real estate loans for large and small businesses.

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  • Nearly all text can be customized for some or all transactions
  • Handle multiple charters, jurisdictions, departments, and lending policies. It can even handle cross-jurisdiction lending transactions.
  • Standard Microsoft® Word document output
  • Supports commitment letters and nested entities
  • Multiple loans/notes available per transaction
  • Built-in database to link borrowers and guarantors to transactions
  • The product is built on up-to-date, software technology that interoperates with Microsoft Office and allows documents to be emailed or printed securely anywhere.
  • Inheritance-based policy and product tree
  • Database-driven user interface facilitates quick content changes
  • Include detailed collateral descriptions and as many additional parties to a loan as needed using the space provided.
  • Handle the most complicated compilation of repayment methods.
  • Print loan documents easily at remote locations using secure, industry-standard print fonts.

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Medici™ Commercial Lending Documentation System
Create compliant and enforceable loan documents for even the most complex commercial loans.

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