Actionable guidance and insights for key decisions in the arbitration process to drive efficiency & optimize your case strategy

Kluwer Arbitration - research service with deep domain expertise content meets its perfect match - Kluwer Arbitration Practice Plus
  • Practice Plus consists of practical tools to provide support throughout the Arbitration process. In addition, it provides guidance and quick advice under time pressure.
  • The components of Practice Plus are selected based on the most pressing, challenging and hot issues in international arbitration.

Practice Plus provides support in the stages of...

Commencement of Arbitration

  • File a request for Arbitration using our guides and examples
  • Find and assess an Arbitrator in our new Arbitrator Database
  • Consult our guides on how to appoint an arbitrator in various jurisdictions using our comparison tools

Arbitral Proceedings

  • Be guided step-by-step while making key decisions on aspects such as Interim Relief, Privacy, Confidentiality and Challenge or Removal of the Arbitrator
  • Compare local laws and Institutional Rules
  • Consult real life examples of forms, applications and letters that are used throughout the Arbitration process
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Wolters Kluwer - Arbitration Practice Plus
See how Kluwer Arbitration Practice Plus helps to transform Arbitration research into strategy.
Simon Greenberg video
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Kluwer Arbitration Practice Plus - Testimonial
Simon Greenberg, Partner at Clifford Chance, Paris on how Kluwer Arbitration Practice Plus will help clients transform research into strategy, to help win cases.

Kluwer Arbitration Practice Plus allows in an easy and time efficient manner to:

  • Find, appoint or challenge arbitrators and minimize all associated risks
  • Provide reliable answers and guidance under time pressure to the most important, pressing or challenging issues
  • Raise ‘red flags’ and highlight high impact factors to mitigate the risk and set up the right strategy
  • Recognize and compare the nuances and differences of jurisdictional and institutional rules and approaches
  • Understand non-standard issues and jurisdictions
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