Key features include:

  • Plan Designs Supported: Cash balance and traditional DB designs with group formulas
  • Plan Specifications: Automatically import plan specifications from the plan documents module, or manually enter plan specifications for valuations
  • DB Valuations: Perform beginning or end of year actuarial valuations and create custom reports from a results output file or leverage editable, pre-packaged valuation report pages
  • Compliance Testing: Non-discrimination, coverage, and minimum participation (IRC 401(a)(26)) testing for stand-alone DB or DB/DC combinations
  • Reports: Editable pre-packaged reports for Compliance Testing and DB Valuations
  • DB or DB/DC Combo Proposals: design plans, run first year valuations results and compliance tests for multiple cash balance and/or combo plan designs with a click of a button, and produce a customizable report to present to your clients
  • ftwPortal Pro Integration: automated census collection via ftwPortal Pro (by plan or by batch)
  • Plan Proposals: Ability to design plans and compare costs across multiple scenarios for use in combined DB/CB/DC proposals, budgeted plan changes, and plan re-designs. Defined Benefit Proposal is available as a standalone module or part of the complete DB Compliance system. Click here to download Defined Benefit Proposal product sheet

All supported by our industry leading Customer Support team who is always available to help when you need it.

 Defined Benefit Compliance and Proposal Software

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