With seamless integration between Microsoft Outlook and TyMetrix® 360°, Office Companion with Smart Assist capabilities streamlines invoice workflows with an easy to use, intuitive interface that allows users to quickly and easily approve, adjust, or reject invoices from within Microsoft Outlook without having to switch between multiple applications.

This saves time, and because your teams are more empowered with familiar tools designed to be compatible with how they prefer to work, this promotes greater usage and adoption of your system. Conveniently access on your desktop or anywhere using the Office 365 Outlook web app.

Key features of Office Companion Smart Assist for TyMetrix 360° include:

  • Approve, adjust or reject invoices quickly
  • Review and adjust invoices at the line-item level
  • Provide comments for adjusted or rejected invoices
  • See invoice summary information at-a-glance
  • View invoices in multiple currencies, and see invoice tax details
  • Easy to use and customize with personal preference settings
  • Supports SAML 2.0 & WS Federation protocols for single sign-on capabilities
  • Available in the Outlook Mobile app for both iOS and Android
  • Supports multiple versions of Office and Exchange (Office 2016, Office 365 ProPlus, Office 365 Outlook Web App, Exchange Online and Exchange 2016)
  • Easy to deploy new features on Smart Assist
TyMetrix 360 Office Companion Smart Assist
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Smart Assist for TyMetrix 360° lets you review, accept, reject, or adjust legal invoices from your Outlook inbox on your desktop or mobile device. You can work how you want, where you want, when you want.
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