The Passport® Connector Library is a growing collection of pre-packaged integrations between Passport and complementary solutions. Passport connectors enable a seamless, automated flow of data and processes between Passport and other best-in-class technologies and content providers. This streamlines and centralizes the management of critical legal, claims, risk, and compliance activities on Passport, which gives users greater visibility and easier access to the data that affects their daily work.

Passport connectors also benefit clients by reducing the time and cost required to build integrations and, ultimately, enabling them to build robust enterprise legal management technology ecosystems that are customized for their unique needs. As new connectors are developed, clients will be able to use these pre-packaged integrations to further extend their Passport solution to meet emerging business needs.

Available Passport connectors

  • Service of process

    The management of incoming service of process (SOP) is often cumbersome and time-consuming for legal staff, with the potential for significant exposure if a key deadline is missed. The service of process connectors for Passport mitigate this risk by ensuring that all legal notices are routed for timely review and response. These connectors integrate Passport with an organization’s registered agent service, which helps to safeguard against missed deadlines and also minimizes manual processing by staff.

    Service of process connector benefits:

    • Streamline, centralize, and standardize the intake of SOP documents for timely review and easy management
    • Reduce the complexity and risk of SOP intake and processing
    • Capture a full audit trail of SOP handling for reporting and visibility

    Available service of process connectors:

  • Email and desktop integration

    Email and desktop integration connectors for Passport link the email and desktop tools that professionals use daily with Passport. These integrations enable legal, claims, risk, and compliance professionals to work more efficiently and seamlessly collaborate with one another. Passport email and desktop integration connectors make managing daily activities easy and intuitive, which saves users time.

    Email and desktop integration connector benefits:

    • Easily capture communications and documents associated with legal, claims, risk, and compliance activities in Passport
    • Enable users to leverage their best-in-class email and desktop integration tools while keeping the data in Passport up to date
    • Encourage Passport user adoption by providing ease of use
    • Allow users to work more efficiently and concentrate on higher-value work
    • Access all matter documents, emails, people, events and tasks directly within Microsoft Office with Office Companion

    Available email and desktop integration connectors:

    IBM® Notes® IMAP Connector for Passport
    The Notes IMAP Connector establishes a bi-directional integration with Passport and gives users the ability to manage their matter-related email communications from within Notes. With this connector, users are able to quickly save emails and their attachments to the corresponding matter record in Passport, which improves productivity and ensures that matter-related communications are consistently captured in Passport.

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    Microsoft® Windows® File System Connector for Passport
    The Windows File System Connector allows users to open and edit Passport documents in the familiar folder-style view of the Windows Explorer interface. This enables quick and easy access to legal documents, which gives clients the power to more efficiently manage their legal matters, collaborate on documents, and enforce consistent document management processes.

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  • Legal holds

    The management of legal holds is complex, time-consuming, and subject to strict due diligence requirements to ensure that data relevant to litigation is preserved and collected. Passport legal hold connectors enable bidirectional integration between Passport and a legal holds system, which tightly links a legal department’s matter management and discovery management processes. This improves efficiency and protects against the risks of mishandled legal holds. These connectors bring together the industry-leading matter management capabilities of Passport with best-in-class legal holds solutions to meet the preservation needs of any enterprise.

    Legal holds connector benefits:

    • Streamline and integrate legal hold processes to improve efficiency and enforce compliance with discovery processes
    • Ensure data integrity and increase efficiency by reducing duplicate data entry
    • Reduce complexity of legal hold processes to mitigate risks and lower costs
    • Allow legal staff to view and report on legal holds in the context of relevant matter and cost detail
    • Enable the use of best-in-class legal holds solutions with Passport

    Available legal holds connectors:
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