Why Wolters Kluwer Cash Suite™

CASH Suite™ is the award–winning financial analysis and credit risk management software solutions preferred by lending professionals.
It enables commercial lenders to accelerate new business development and client retention efforts by: increasing efficiencies in data analysis, workflow process and robust data integration; accelerating credit memo preparation, covenant tracking and in depth reporting; improving profitability in pricing practices, risk - rating and underwriting.

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Integrated solutions

CASH Bridge

CASH Bridge™

Core systems integration to facilitate effective commercial life-cycle relationship and portfolio management.
CASH Opportunity

CASH Opportunity™

CRM for all commercial sales and service activities; supports planning, pipeline tracking, and reporting.
CASH Insight

CASH Insight™

Financial analysis of commercial relationships at individual borrower and guarantor levels.
CASH Tax Importer

CASH Tax Importer™

Leverage optical character recognition (OCR) technology to extract and import information from tax returns.


Commercial real-estate stress testing and loan to value positions.
CASH Reward

CASH Reward™

Loan grading and risk scoring across the commercial portfolio.
CASH Profit

CASH Profit™

Consistent commercial loan pricing to meet return on asset/equity goals at the transaction and relationship levels.
CASH OnTrack

CASH OnTrack™

Proactively manage ticklers and financial reporting covenants at the borrower and portfolio levels to reduce loan loss.
CASH Borrower Portal

CASH Borrower Portal™

Simplify the process of requesting and receiving tax
returns and other documents from your commercial clients.


Automated credit memos and reports compliant with Microsoft Office.
CASH Globalview

CASH Globalview™

Comprehensive loan portfolio management, including rolled-up data and analysis across CASH Suite solutions.

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