Why Wolters Kluwer CASH Suite

CASH Suite is the award–winning financial analysis and credit risk management software solutions preferred by lending professionals.
It enables commercial lenders to accelerate new business development and client retention efforts by: increasing efficiencies in data analysis, workflow process and robust data integration; accelerating credit memo preparation, covenant tracking and in depth reporting; improving profitability in pricing practices, risk - rating and underwriting.

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The power of CASH

Sales & marketing

CASH Bridge

CASH Bridge™

Core systems integration to facilitate effective commercial life-cycle relationship and portfolio management.
CASH Opportunity

CASH Opportunity™

CRM for all commercial sales and service activities; supports planning, pipeline tracking, and reporting.
Cash Borrower

CASH Borrower Portal™

Provide your existing and potential clients with an online access point to start a loan inquiry and securely submit documents – all from your website!

Underwriting, assessment & credit decision

CASH Insight

CASH Insight™

Financial analysis of commercial relationships at individual borrower and guarantor levels.
CASH Insights includes CASH Tax Importer
CASH Tax Importer

CASH Tax Importer™

Leverage optical character recognition (OCR) technology to extract and import information from tax returns.


Commercial real-estate stress testing and loan to value positions.
CASH Reward

CASH Reward™

Loan grading and risk scoring across the commercial portfolio.
CASH Profit

CASH Profit™

Consistent commercial loan pricing to meet return on asset/equity goals at the transaction and relationship levels.

Closing, documentation & boarding

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ComplianceOne® Integration

Drives workflow and analysis capabilities from lead generation to post-close servicing and reporting, helping lenders achieve straight-through processing across every step of the commercial loan lifecycle.

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Medici® Integration

Centralize commercial lending administration, expedites the loan process, and offer compliance management to minimize risk.

Servicing & tracking

CASH OnTrack

CASH OnTrack™

Proactively manage ticklers and financial reporting covenants at the borrower and portfolio levels to reduce loan loss.
CASH Globalview

CASH Globalview™

Comprehensive loan portfolio management, including rolled-up data and analysis across CASH Suite solutions.
Integrate the below into all of the above CASH Solution sets to enhance the modules and increase efficiencies and accuracy while reducing operational risk and improving profitability.
CASH Workflow

CASH Workflow™

Provides visibility and control of your commercial lending process.


Automated credit memos and reports compliant with Microsoft Office.


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