LegalJuly 19, 2017

Wolters Kluwer strengthens midland health information security management system with ComplyTrack

ComplyTrack's Information Security Assessment Manager (ISAM) ensures both compliance and the application of established standards, while creating a culture of continuous improvement.

Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S. has worked with Midland Health - a healthcare provider serving multiple, diverse facilities across Midland, Texas - to implement ComplyTrack's Information Security Assessment Manager (ISAM), a security assessment management system enabling rapid application of established standards, while also quickly assessing alignment with current compliance requirements and establishing a culture of continuous improvement.

"As the rising threat of hacking, theft, malware, and ransomware continues to imperil healthcare systems across the country, Wolters Kluwer has developed ComplyTrack's ISAM to manage risk assessment, remediation, monitoring, and analytics in a scalable, customizable SaaS solution," said Ryan Redman, ComplyTrack Product Manager at Wolters Kluwer.

Midland Health operates diverse facilities in nine separate locations in Midland, Texas. Stephen Collins, CISSP, Information Security Officer for Midland Health, was tasked with establishing policies and implementing certain information-system management protocols from the ground up. ComplyTrack's ISAM enabled Collins to establish policies and implement various information security management protocols, as well as integrate industry-standard common security frameworks (CSFs) with proven workflow software.

ComplyTrack's ISAM has allowed Midland Health to maintain visibility and control over IS compliance from a single, secure and readily accessible workspace. "We have one hundred different departments and ISAM helps me communicate in every direction," said Collins. "I can quickly gather the information that management needs in order to authorize action and fix issues before they become problems. And it means a lot to know that ISAM itself is under a constant process of review and update. ISAM does 100 percent of what it's supposed to do, and it helps us with our own ongoing improvement."

"Midland Health is one of many companies across the country that Wolters Kluwer is helping to transform compliance practices and management," said Tim Feldman, Vice President and General Manager of Healthcare Compliance & Reimbursement at Wolters Kluwer. "ComplyTrack's ISAM is another example of Wolters Kluwer's commitment to listening to our customers, and providing them with superior content and workflow to enhance productivity, speed and accuracy."

Additional benefits of ComplyTrack's ISAM include:

  • Ensures alignment with current compliance requirements;
  • Enables a provider to define and expedite the risk-review process, making it straightforward to perform comprehensive IS assessments;
  • Helps to maintain a successful compliance and security culture, creating open lines for communicating and reporting key information clearly.
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