LegalNovember 26, 2018

Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory is global sponsor of the worldwide legal tech innovation Event Global Legal Hackathon 2019

Wolters Kluwer to provide sponsorship, hosting, teams, judges, training and mentors for hackathons aimed at accelerating technology innovation across legal industry.

As a leader in the legal innovation movement, Wolters Kluwer announced that it is a global sponsor of the Global Legal Hackathon 2019, kicking off worldwide February 22-24, 2019. This is the second year that Wolters Kluwer is an integral part of the international event that brings together members of the legal industry – law firms, corporations, non-profit associations, universities, legal tech companies, governments and service providers – with the common goal of rapidly identifying global legal issues and developing solutions to improve the legal industry worldwide.

In 2018, the Global Legal Hackathon had over 5,000 participants from six continents, 40 cities and 22 countries, making it the largest legal technology innovation event in history.

“We’re honored and excited to serve as a global sponsor of #GLH2019, as a leader in the legal community and as part of the global movement to improve the world’s legal processes, systems and technologies,” said Stacey Caywood, CEO, Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory. “With a deep understanding of transformative new technologies, Wolters Kluwer embraces the Hackathon as another opportunity to collaborate with our customers and technology and legal innovators to co-create exciting new legal solutions.”

As global sponsor of #GLH2019, Wolters Kluwer is supporting the event and all participants worldwide, in addition to:

  • Hosting Global Legal Hackathon locations around the world;
  • Offering complimentary webinars to all Global Legal Hackathon participants on successful innovation processes; and
  • Sponsoring a special "Global Legal Industry Challenge" which will focus legal innovators on key challenges specifically faced by corporate legal departments and law firms, with topics determined by professionals working in the field today.

Joining members of the legal community worldwide, Wolters Kluwer's technologists, legal analysts, business leaders, project managers and other functional experts will also participate in the events as team members, judges and mentors.

#GLH2019 will kick off with intense 51-hour innovation sprints during Hackathon weekend (February 22-24), when thousands of people will work in teams to seek out technology solutions focused on improving the practice of law and access to legal services. Winners from the innovation sprints will advance to the global virtual semi-finals, and a final round and gala will be held in May with a judging panel drawn from prominent industry leaders. With an "open platform" philosophy, the Global Legal Hackathon 2019 is open to all, with no cost to participants. Participants from all backgrounds and industries are welcome to join.

"We are delighted that Wolters Kluwer has made a major commitment to this global legal technology innovation movement," said David Fisher, Co-founder of the Global Legal Hackathon, CEO, Integra Ledger. ";Ever since we founded the Global Legal Hackathon last year, we have been in awe of the energy and enthusiasm of legal technology innovators around the world. For 2019, we are excited to build on the huge success of #GLH2018, with more countries, more cities, more participants and more technology partners," Fisher said.

To learn more about participating in the Global Legal Hackathon, For more information on Wolters Kluwer's participation in the Global Legal Hackathon and opportunities to join the Hackathon at a Wolters Kluwer sponsored location, contact [email protected].

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