LegalSeptember 19, 2017

Wolters Kluwer announces strategic alliance to bring AI-powered analytics technology to market for IP professionals

Collaboration with intellectual property analytics provider Aistemos further strengthens Wolters Kluwer's intellectual property solutions.

Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S. today announced plans to bolster its market-leading intellectual property (IP) content and workflow solutions through a strategic alliance with Aistemos, an innovative IP data and intelligence firm. Through this strategic partnership, Wolters Kluwer will make Aistemos' acclaimed Cipher Reports available to its wide range of customers, providing access to highly valuable analysis and reporting.

Cipher Reports are now available to Wolters Kluwer customers on Kluwer IP Law, the world's leading research solution for global intellectual property professionals, at Leveraging artificial intelligence, Cipher offers interactive reports that can provide in-depth analysis and reporting on day-to-day management of patent assets, risk and litigation, cost management, and other insights. Cipher Reports further strengthens Kluwer IP Law's unparalleled compendium of resources by making rich analysis and insight accessible to a wide range of IP professionals.

Other cutting-edge technological features offered through Cipher Reports include:

  • The ability to analyze portfolios by reference to all available patent meta-data
  • Tools to identify all patents owned and acquired within complex corporate structures
  • Instant, unlimited and in-depth reporting and intelligence on competitors and specific industries
  • The ability to spot trends and extract valuable insights

"As the quantity and complexity of data has increased – from patents, to licenses and standards – it has become more difficult for IP professionals to spot trends and extract insights that can better help them advise their clients," said Amit Alagh, a Product Manager for Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S. "Making Cipher Reports available through Kluwer IP Law is another key step in Wolters Kluwer's efforts to bring cutting-edge technology to the market faster and provide accessibility to firms of all sizes."

"By applying AI and machine learning to comprehensive IP data, we have developed a definitive source of business intelligence optimized to help companies understand complex technology landscapes," said Nigel Swycher, founder and CEO of Aistemos. "We are thrilled to offer Cipher Reports through Wolters Kluwer and enable IP professionals to better advise their customers."

To learn more about Wolters Kluwer's Intellectual Property solutions including Cipher Reports, visit:

About Aistemos

Aistemos is a leading IP analytics and strategy company based in London. Cipher was launched in 2014 to harness AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning to deliver faster and more accurate IP business intelligence to companies and their advisers. Used by major companies, law firms and patent attorneys, Cipher is the trusted source of IP analytics. Our mission is to integrate a deeper understanding of intangible assets into all aspects of business strategy.

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