CorporateDecember 30, 2020

Navigating a new world together

Following a year of challenges, changes, and uncertainty, we feel immensely proud to be part of a community that came together in the crucial moments that really mattered. We made advances that helped employees and customers adapt to constantly shifting circumstances. 

New COVID-19 resources across all sectors reflect cutting-edge innovation in digital solutions that make a real impact and support people every day – as we have done for almost 185 years. 

Our solutions, our strategy, and – most importantly – our people, are what keep us strong, and building on our core values using the most innovative technologies will help us to continue to grow together. 

It’s said that change inspires innovation. The need to change and the opportunity to innovate was something we embraced with our customers and employees in 2020, and will continue to do as we move forward together.

a new world
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Navigating a new world together
Gerbert van Genderen Stort
Gerbert van Genderen Stort, Media Relations
Media Relations
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