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Wolters Kluwer launches InView, a new Expert Solution that increases legal professionals’ productivity

Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory in the Netherlands announces the launch of InView, a new expert solution that allows legal professionals to achieve better results for clients in significantly less time.

The performance of legal professionals is increasingly in the spotlight. With increases in technology, changing client expectations and new business models, there is growing pressure on productivity for lawyers. Working in close partnership with legal professionals, Wolters Kluwer developed software solution InView to meet this demand.

Innovation for the legal profession

Legal professionals work with legislation, case law and publications by top experts on a daily basis. InView combines this deep domain knowledge with smart technology to quickly deliver concrete answers and insights into an issue.

With InView, legal professionals no longer have to search through countless documents for information or to work in multiple software systems. It’s an intuitive solution enabling legal professionals to provide better outcomes for their clients in less time. The new expert solution offers four modules:

  • InView Research - presents information following the structure of the law.
  • InView Case Essence - extracts the essential information from case law.
  • InView Case Analysis - aggregates data into different legal scenarios.
  • InView Integration - integrates widely used third-party software solutions with InView.

InView Research is the first solution that shows legal information according to the workflow steps of legal professionals. The Case Essence Module is also the first of its kind, allowing users to see at a glance what the requirements were in a specific case and why a judge arrived at a certain decision. The Case Analysis Module helps users determine and substantiate the best strategy for their clients using data. With the Integration module, it is possible to connect numerous third-party software programs with InView, making it possible for users to immediately write their hours to a specific client, connect and enrich client files, review company information and more.

Saving time

Firms using InView reported saving 20-50% time on research and 10-30% time determining case strategy. These time savings can be used for other important tasks such as business development and more intensive client contact.

Employment law attorney at Marxman Advocaten Eline Beekhuis said: “We are proud of our excellent legal knowledge and we gladly make use of innovations in the legal domain. InView quickly gives complete insight into case law and saves enormous amounts of time in my work process. The link between Legal Intelligence and InView is incredible, as it allows me to access all InView topics directly from Legal Intelligence.”

Developed with and for legal professionals

In total, over 800 employment law professionals and more than 40 legal organizations partnered with Wolters Kluwer in the development of InView.

“An innovation like this is only possible in close cooperation with your clients”, says Bas Kniphorst, Vice President and Managing Director, Legal & Regulatory, Benelux. “By continuously involving our customers in the development process and testing and validating everything with them, we were able to develop a solution that really delivers significant improvements and new value in the work process.”

InView is an innovation that is gradually being rolled out across the various legal domains. Labor law is the first legal area that is now available. Corporate law will follow.

Kniphorst continues, “We are proud to have achieved this in collaboration with our clients, and this is only the beginning. We are now working on the next areas of law and will continue to work on new functionalities. Our ambition is for all legal professionals to experience the benefits of InView within their area of expertise.”

Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory

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About Wolters Kluwer

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