HealthOctober 26, 2021

Wolters Kluwer announces integration of its Clinical Natural Language Processing solution with Henry Schein’s MicroMD EMR platform

The latest integration from Wolters Kluwer enables clinicians to unlock the value of unstructured clinical information for more complete patient insights.

Wolters Kluwer, Health announced today that MicroMD®, Henry Schein Medical Systems’ practice management, and electronic medical record (EMR) solution, will implement the Health Language clinical Natural Language Processing (cNLP) solution to help accelerate and optimize patient medical record review. By extracting clinically relevant data locked in unstructured text, such as medical history and free-form notes, Health Language cNLP helps enable clinicians to glean a more complete picture of a patient’s health which can drive better outcomes.

Industry estimates suggest that more than 80% of valuable healthcare information is locked in unstructured text, requiring manual review of each patient record that contributes to increased risk of human error, time, and cost. Health Language cNLP helps to mitigate these challenges by automating the review of unstructured data, extracting clinically relevant information, codifying information to broadly understood industry standards, and mapping information to a patient’s record.

“The need to capture medical decision-making, combined with new coding requirements, often lead to a narrative-intensive documentation process, generating a trove of critical medical information buried in free text, such as medical history, progress notes, as well as imaging and laboratory narratives. With Health Language cNLP, important insights from these notes can be captured much more efficiently, which can improve patient outcomes,” said Michael Casamassa, Vice President, Solutions at Henry Schein who oversees Henry Schein Medical Systems, a subsidiary of Henry Schein, Inc. “We’re excited to build on our relationship with Wolters Kluwer to enrich the breadth and quality of the clinical data that clinicians using MicroMD can now access to better serve their patients.”

Health Language cNLP uses a proprietary library of more than one million provider-friendly terms including clinical synonyms, abbreviations, acronyms, and common misspellings. This vast scope captures innumerable variations of text notations entered in a patient record by doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, and assistants. Capturing vital patient insights helps practitioners make educated decisions about the unique needs of each patient, helping them deliver high-quality, comprehensive patient care across care teams.

“We are proud to expand our collaboration with Henry Schein to help practices and health centers maximize the value of MicroMD,” said Karen Kobelski, vice president and general manager of Clinical Surveillance Compliance & Data Solutions at Wolters Kluwer, Health. “We look forward to further supporting their efforts to help improve clinical productivity and enhance care for patients by making it easy to fully access, search and analyze vast amounts of information from a growing number of disparate sources.”

This is the latest integration of Wolters Kluwer’s Health Language technology in Henry Schein’s MicroMD practice management and electronic medical record. The organization implemented Wolters Kluwer’s Clinical Interface Terminology solution in January 2021 with the goal of helping clinicians improve clinical documentation accuracy with smarter problem and diagnosis searches.

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