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LegalMarch 26, 2020

Whitepaper: Building Better Relationships with Your Law Firm Partners

Building a solid foundation in claims litigation

According to the 2019 Litigation Management Study, relationships between claims professionals and their outside legal counsel are getting weaker – and that’s a problem.

Choosing the correct attorneys for individual matters and developing solid relationships with law firms is essential to every aspect of the claims process, including budgeting, cycle times, expenses and outcomes, and customer satisfaction.

This whitepaper has three core strategies to build stronger bonds and a culture of collaboration with your law firm partners, including:

  • Establishing and sharing specific goals with outside counsel, along with attainable and measurable key performance indicators
  • Measuring hard and soft performance data using scorecards and dashboards in a system of record
  • Keeping open lines of communication and collaboration through monthly checkpoints and collaborative reports

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