ComplianceMay 13, 2021

What is Safety Incident Reporting Software?

While many programs comprise a safety management system, almost none is more crucial or important than a robust program for safety incident reporting, embedded in an organizational culture that encourages and values worker reports. The reason is simple: it is nearly impossible to evaluate performance, identify gaps, and continuously improve safety outcomes without incident and near miss reporting. Within your organization, your people are your main tools to gather data on hazards and incidents to prevent similar events from occurring in the future.

Comprehensive incident management goes well beyond merely reporting events, near misses, and unsafe conditions. It also includes the investigation and analysis of root causes to provide you the insight to assign appropriate and effective corrective actions to predict and prevent injuries and illnesses. An incident management system like this helps you manage reports, collect incident data, track the status and closure of EHS incidents, and stay compliant with OSHA reporting regulations.

Knowing what a comprehensive safety reporting and incident management system should look like, are your company’s systems and programs up to the task? Do you have a system designed to cover the entire life cycle of incident management, from reporting and data collection to investigation, root cause analysis, and corrective and preventive actions? You need an integrated, cloud-based software solution for incident management and reporting to give you real-time access to valuable data and insights to prevent incidents before they occur.

Imagine further a safety reporting and incident management system that is AI-enabled. Through advanced impact identification and integration with root cause analysis software, your company can harness the power of artificial intelligence to generate insights into the root causes of incidents, analyze safety reports, and perform consistent investigations to build your organization’s prevention knowledge.

Safety reporting should be made easy for workers, and this can be accomplished through a safety reporting and incident management system with user-friendly mobile capability. With an application that is easily accessible on mobile devices, workers and contractors can report incidents and near misses on the go in the field without having to go to an office with a desktop computer. This mobile capability keeps your operations more efficient and productive with less downtime and keeps an up-to-date record of incidents as they happen. Additionally, your company promotes a positive safety culture by encouraging workers to report incidents and near misses, ensuring quick notification and efficient follow-up to minimize safety risks.

Driving a cycle of continuous improvement to improve workplace safety has many components, but chief among these is safety incident reporting. Ensure your workers have the right tools to not only perform their jobs, but to keep themselves and others around them safe and protected. Equip them with the assets to be your eyes and ears on the front lines through robust and proactive reporting, and watch your EHS performance reach new heights!