FinanceMarch 20, 2023

Masterclass: A how to guide to optimize your cash flow plan

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Short and accurate monitoring of cash planning is essential in every business. Uncover how your organization can reduce at least 70% of the manual work usually required to properly project your cash needs or cash surplus with built-in financial intelligence that does not require scripting and transform your cash flow planning process.

In this on-demand webinar discover how CCH Tagetik enables you to understand the impact of cash impacts of changing market conditions and analyze the business changes on cash flow forecasts, while giving you visibility into your net financial position at all times. 

Sadek Fahmy, Senior Solution Specialist, as he discusses:

  • Typical Pain Points of a Cash Flow Planning Process
  • Live Demonstration of CCH Tagetik’s Cash Flow Planning Tool
  • Cash Impact Reporting with both Out of the Box and Built Reports
  • A Cash Flow Planning Case study
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Cash Flow Planning and Analysis
Manage risk and improve cash management with CCH Tagetik Cash Flow Planning & Analysis software.

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