HealthDecember 06, 2019

Smart, content-driven recruiting turns an obstacle into a success story

An insightful, multichannel campaign can help you overcome the toughest of recruiting obstacles, just like it did for our client looking to fill multiple highly specialized positions.

About the Client

The client is a physician-led, multi-specialty regional medical group. At the time, they were being acquired by a non-profit healthcare organization.


  • Fill multiple highly specialized physician opportunities with flexible posting options on a fixed monthly budget.
  • A central online location for listings.
  • Drivers to get more views of open positions.


medical group case study solution Lippincott® HCP Access specialists deployed a year-long multichannel campaign following our 3-step streamlined process: matching our audiences to their desired specialists, curating relevant clinical content, and identifying the right drivers to get more views of open positions.

Anchored by an employer profile on, the premier online destination for physician job seekers, the client was able to spotlight the desirability of their hospital system and keep a current running list of available opportunities, which ranged from internists to hard-to-fill specialist positions like pediatric gastroenterologists.

Custom marketing drivers such as outbound emails and banners were selected, and articles from our peer-reviewed journals were included to create a tailored experience around open positions.

Success story

  • medical group case study results Aligning with a trusted partner expanded their candidate pool to both active and passive job seekers.
  • Showcasing their career opportunities alongside medical content captured the attention of physicians and garnered more views of their open positions.
  • Employer branding served as an essential recruitment tool to help the client stand out from the crowd.
  • Flexible posting options allowed for multiple positions to be filled.
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