HealthNovember 19, 2017

SketchyMicro and Pathoma companions

This Friday we released two new PDF books to members: SketchyMicro and Pathoma companions. Like our other textbooks, these are complete renderings of Firecracker’s SketchyMicro and Pathoma topic coverage, complete with images, tables and charts. Each chapter links back to the relevant topic inside Firecracker so that you can kick off a flashcard or test-question session directly.

The intent is that you can use these books as companions to your Pathoma and SketchyMicro study—and then use Firecracker flashcards and questions to improve your retention of the material.

Here’s a sample of the material:

SketchyMicro and Pathoma companions sample content

SketchyMicro and Pathoma companions sample content


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