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A guide to: Sales and use tax returns efficiency

Automate filing, focus on strategy, save time and money...

Some operational costs of running a business do not bring a direct return on investment (ROI). The collection and remittance of sales and use tax are often written off as a simple line item or chalked up to the cost of doing business. What if there was a way to minimize the impact of this cost center and free up your staff's productivity? 

Digital strategies can often reduce your operational costs without compromising performance, accuracy, timeliness, and quality through automation. Learn how you can free up your staff's time to invest in more productive activities.

Think digital transformation 

The most direct and effective way of reducing the cost of repetitive tasks is to automate them as much as possible. Fortunately, technology is readily available, which will enable you to do just that without breaking your budget.

The more your business grows, the more tax obligations you get, and the more people you need for compliance. When you automate your sales and use tax returns, you’ll enable your team to do more with less, and do more rewarding, satisfying work.

  1. Save time
    Time is a consumable resource. You can get back their valuable time by freeing up your staff with automation. No longer will tedious paperwork, reworking errors, and manual changes slow down your team.
  2. Save resources
    There is a cost to assigning your team members with overwhelming and repetitive work. If unhappy team members leave your company, it costs to recruit replacements and training those new people. It costs to have extra people available, so you don’t end up filing late and incurring fines—overtime costs. Errors cost. Enormous resources are spent to make payments that will never show your company any return on investment.
  3. Protect your business from mistakes
    With automation, human error becomes a thing of the past. Due dates, rules and rate changes, and fluctuation of the quantity of work can be completed seamlessly alongside your team as they can dive into more significant and more fulfilling projects.

Download this guide to see where your best opportunities are to reduce operating cost and human involvement in processing sales and use tax. 

CCH® SureTax® Returns
Software solution designed to automate sales and use tax (SUT) returns, and file them accurately, on time, and to the correct jurisdictions.
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