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ComplianceFinanceFebruary 15, 2023

Reporting to BECRIS - Adopting an automated best-practice approach

Starting January 2024, The Belgian National Bank (NBB) will be integrating the existing Central Individual Credit Register CICR (CKP/CCP) with BECRIS. Information on credits for corporations was already included in the scope of the BECRIS reporting since 2016. However, the NBB will extend the BECRIS model to replace the current CKP/CCP application.

This extension is part of the program to renew the overall credit data collection of the NBB. The BECRIS ICR reporting is applicable for institutions that are issuing credit contracts to natural persons. The IT infrastructure in place today no longer supports todays needs and doesn’t cover the extended data requirements from the NBB. The NBB is transitioning the credit data collection and consultation into a single platform, BECRIS 2.0.

Firms are encouraged to act now and not to underestimate the complexity of the new BECRIS model. Listen to our webinar to learn how firms can successfully transition to BECRIS 2.0 and adopt an automated best-practice approach.

Topics include:

  • Overview – Introduction to BECRIS
  • The current landscape of granular data reporting in Belgium, the EU and the rest of the world
  • What’s new? NBB BECRIS 2.0 – key requirements and timelines.
  • Taking a strategic approach – how can firms prepare
  • How Wolters Kluwer can help
  • Q&A

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