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ComplianceOctober 04, 2023

Places for People — Delivering insights, sharing foresights

From leadership on down there is continued support for the internal audit team at Places for People. Internal audit is viewed as an independent function that helps to improve not only efficiencies within the organization but also drives better outcomes for their customers. An outcome that offers a tangible purpose for real people.

Applying TeamMate to the equation

TeamMate had the opportunity to speak with Jessica Keegan, Senior Audit Data Analyst, and Sarah Nye, Group Assurance Manager with Places for People, to learn more about how they are utilizing TeamMate+ to enhance the lives of people of all ages, circumstances, and needs:

  • Utilizing the robust set of tools offered by TeamMate+ for fieldwork, evidence storage, and issue recommendations
  • Presenting internal audit findings in a more visually consumable and engaging manner, representing an accurate “snapshot in time”
  • Offering greater stakeholder engagement that results in a better understanding of the data, information, and recommendations
When it comes to data analytics, this was clearly the direction we needed to go to offer more assurance on strategic risks and help us explain the issues in greater detail to the business. They sit up and listen more closely when we can state that our data samples have increased from an average of 10% to upwards of 50-100%. It definitely adds more weight to our findings.
Sarah Nye, Group Assurance Manager, Places for People

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